Keyboard Vendors List

Custom mechanical keyboard on a mousepad with a fountain pen and mechanical switches.

If you are getting into keyboards finding the right place to start might be difficult. We have curated and created a list of vendors for different regions that provide keyboard parts, kits, and accessories so you can focus on starting your build rather than where to buy from.


Anything that is in bold is a company that we have personal experience with. Additionally, we only put on vendors that we have had a good experience with or have heard good things about. If a vendor becomes unreliable or has a consistently bad track record then we will mark them with an asterisk and then consider removing them.

This page is and will continue to be updated so you can have recent and accurate information. Last update: 2/22/2023.

United States

1upKeyboards – Keyboard kits, keycaps, switches, parts, and accessories.

21KB – Keycaps.

3dKeebs – Parts and accessories.

415Keys – Switches, parts, lube, and accessories.

American Haptics – Keycaps and workmats.

Asceny – Keyboard, keycaps, cables, and parts.

Bespokekeys – Switches, deskmats, accessories, and more.

Bolsa Supply – Keycaps, deskmats, switches, and accessories.

Cannonkeys – Kits, switches, deskmats, and keycaps.

CBKBD – Keyboard kits and parts.

Clawsome Boards – Keyboard plates and macro pad kits.

ClickClack – Keyboards, keycaps, and switches.

CTFKB – Keyboard kits.

Dangkeebs – Lube, switches, parts, and accessories.

Divinikey – Switches, keycaps, lube, and accessories.

Doodboard – Keyboards and macro pads.

Drop – Keyboards, keycaps, deskpads, and other miscellaneous parts and accessories.

Elboard Keyboard Supply – Switches and accessories.

eType – Acrylic keyboards.

EUNBU – Vintage Switches.

Flashquark – Switches, keyboards, parts, and accessories.

From Scratch – High quality keyboard sleeves.

Glorious PC Gaming – Keyboards, switches, and parts.

Heebie Keebies – Switches, parts, and accessories.

HippoKeys – Switches and accessories.

IV Works – Ergonomic keyboards.

Keebhut – Switches – Split keyboards.

Keebz – Macropads and keycaps.

KeebsForAll – Groupbuys, parts, accessories, lube, deskmats, and cables.

Keychron – Keyboards, switches, and keycaps.

Keycult – High-end keyboards.

Keyhive – Keyboards and parts.

Keyspensory – Deskmats and keycaps.

*Kiko’s Lab – Keyboard groupbuys.

Kinetic Labs – Lube, switches, and accessories.

Kono – Keyboards, keycaps, and switches.

LFKeyboards – Unique keyboards.

Little Keyboards – Keyboards and parts.

Lume Keebs – Switches, accessories, and cables.

Mechanical Keyboards – Prebuilt keyboards and kits.

Mechwild – Keyboard kits.

Mode Designs – Keyboards and switches.

Nico and Steph Studios – Keyboards, keycaps, and fun small groupbuys.

NotJeffCNC – Plates.

Novelkeys – Kits, parts, and accessories.

Omnitype – Keycaps and deskmats.

Originative Co – Keyboards, keysets, parts, and accessories.

Paramount Keeb – Keyboards, switches, and accessories.

Prevail Key Co – Lube, parts, and accessories.

Prime Keyboards – Switches, parts, and kits.

Ringerkeys – Switches, lube, and accessories.

Rocket Keyboards – Keyboards, cables, switches, and parts.

Space Holdings – Keyboards, keycaps, deskmats, and cables.

Stupidfish Designs – Keyboard foam and accessories.

Stupid Bullets Tech – Switches, accessories, and lube.

Teal Technik – Switches, accessories, lube, and wooden wrist rests.

The Key Dot Company – Kits, switches, deskmats, parts, and accessories.

Thockeys – Keycaps, accessories, parts, and tools.

Thockpop – Switches, keycaps, lube, tools, and parts.

Tomo Caps – Keycaps

Typr – Switches, accessories, lube, and deskpads.

Ungodly.Design – Keyboards and custom keycaps.

Vala Supply – Keyboards, keycaps, parts, and deskmats.

WASD keyboards – Keyboards, keycaps, and cables.

Zenclack – Keycaps, deskpads, and switches.



Agile – Switches, deskmats, and accessories.

Alphakeys – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, parts, lube, and deskmats.

ApexKeyboards – Keyboards, keycaps, deskmats, parts, and accessories.

Ashkeebs – Keyboards, keycaps, cables, parts, and accessories.

Deskhero – Keyboards, keycaps, accessories, mice, and audio.

Gboards – Parts, accessories, and groupbuys.

HypeKeyboards – Keyboard plates. – Keyboard Kits.

Keyspresso – Groupbuys, parts, accessories, and lube.

KumaMech – Group buys, accessories, and parts

Malvix Studio – Parts, accessories, deskmats, lube, and artisans.

Mech Land – Keyboard Kits, lube, accessories.

Minokeys – Keycaps, lube, switches, accessories, cables, and deskmats. – Switches and keycaps.

MTBkeys – Keyboard kits and artisan spacebars.

ONEofZERO – Keyboards and keycaps.

Oni Keyboards – Switches, lube, and cables

Osume – Keycaps, deskmats, and cables.

Polartype – Keycaps, switches, deskmats, and keyboards.

RNDKBD – Keyboards, broken in switches, parts, lube, and accessories.

Shockport – Keycaps, parts, lube, and custom cables.

tokeebs – Switches, lube, and accessories.

TurtleKeebs– Switches, lube, and tools.

VintKeys – Vintage keyboards, vintage switches, and lube.

WestM – Cases, keycaps, deskpads, and custom cables.

ZealPC – Switches and parts.

Latin America

Crafting Keyboards – Keyboards, keycaps, parts, accessories.

Depressed Keebs – Keyboard kits and cases.

Fancy Customs – Keyboards, keycaps, parts, cables, accessories.

Happy Coil Cables – Custom cables.

LatamKeys – Keyboards parts and accessories.

RHESET – Keyboard parts and accessories.

Switch Club – Switches, lube, and accessories.


Alchemist Keyboards – Keyboard kit groupbuys.

Cablecult – Keyboards, switches, accessories, cables, and wrist rests.

Capsunlocked – Keyboards and accessories.

Computer Orbit – Keyboards, switches, parts, accessories, deskpads, and tools.

Keeb Cats – Keyboards, switches, lube, parts, and accessories.

Keycrox – Switches, tools, parts, switch testers, and more.

Mechboard – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, parts, and accessories.

Mech Supply – Keycaps.

Mechbox – Keycaps and switches.

Merge Design – Macro Pads.

MechMods – Lube, switches, parts, and more

NOESC – Switches, keycaps, and deskmats.

Noxary – Group buys for keyboards.

Optic Keyboards – Keycaps, switches, lube, and accessories.

Prototypist – Keycaps, switches, and deskmats.

Protozoa Studio – Keyboards and keycaps.

Serpent Keys – Keycaps, cables, switches, lube, and accessories.

Strumace – Keyboards, cables, deskpads, and keycaps.

UK Keycaps – Keyboards, keycaps, switches.

Unspoken Deskpads – Deskpads and wrist rests.



42.Keebs – Parts and accessories.

Candykeys – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, and accessories.

Clickeys – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, tools, deskpads, cables, and more.

Eloquent Clicks – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, and accessories.

FalbaTech – Keyboards, parts, switches, and accessories.

I/O Keyboards – Keycaps and parts.

KBnordic – Keycaps, switches, parts, and lube.

Keebwerk – Keyboards, switches, and accessories.

Keycapsss – Keyboards, parts, switches, accessories, and artisans.

Keygem – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, deskmats, and tools.

Korabrand -Parts, lube, and deskmats. – Keyboards, switches, lube, and accessories.

Mekanisk – Keyboards, parts, and deskpads. Keyboards, keycaps, switches, parts, and accessories.

Oblotzky Industries – Group buys, deskmats, and accessories.

Qlavier – Keyboards.

Qoda – Keycaps.

Salvun – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, and accessories.

Splitkb – Split keyboards and switches.

Switchhub – Switches, lube, and accessories.

Tastenplatte – Keyboards kits, lube, and tools.



Akko – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, accessories, and more.

Basekeys – Keycaps, switches, and more

Epomaker – Keyboards, keycaps, and switches.

Graystudio – Groupbuys (usually keyboards).

Hexkeyboards – Keyboards and keycaps.

Idobao – Keyboards, keycaps, and switches

iLumKB – Switches, keycaps, parts, and lube.

Justkeys – Lube and artisans.

KBDFans – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, parts, accessories, and much more. – Keycaps, switches, and parts.

Kibou – Keyboards, switches, lube, and accessories.

Kochi Keyboard – Keyboards, switches, and artisan keycaps.

Kprepublic – Keyboards, keycaps, and switches.

Mechkey Store– Cables and wrist rests.

Melgeek – Keyboards, keycaps, parts, and custom cables.

Momoka – Keycaps and switches.

Monstargears – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, and accessories.

Pantheon Keys – Switches, lube, parts, accessories, cables, and deskmats.

Percent Studio – Keyboard groupbuys.

Quantakeys – Keyboards and tools.

Swag Keys – Keycaps, switches, lube, parts, accessories, and tools

Synaesthesia – Keyboards, keycaps, and switches.

Tai-Hao – Keycaps (they have rubber ones too).

Thick Thock – Keycaps, switches, and accessories.

Tokyo Keyboard – Keyboard groupbuys.

Wuque Studio – Group buys for keyboards, switches, and accessories.

YMDKey – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, and accessories. – Keyboards, keycaps, switches, parts, and accessories.

zFrontier – Keycaps and deskmats.

Zion Studios – Keyboards, switches, and accessories.



Rectangles.Store – Switches, accessories, and keyboard kits.

StacksKB – Keyboards, switches, lube, deskpads, parts, and accessories.


All Caps – Switches, lube, deskmats, and accessories.

Cafege – Keyboards, switches, lube, parts, accessories, and deskmats.

Daily Clack – Kits, keycaps, parts, and accessories.

Escape Keyboards – Keycaps, parts, and accessories.

Keebd – Keyboard kits, switches, parts, and more.

Keyboard Treehouse – Keyboard kits and parts.

Mechstock – Switches, springs, and other accessories.

Prestige Keys – Switches, lube, parts, and accessories.

RAMA WORKS – High end keyboard kits.

Riftkeys – Keyboards, deskmats, parts.

Switchkeys – Keycaps, parts, and acessories.


Ctrl.Shift.Esc – Keyboards, keycaps, cables, parts, accessories, and more.



Note that while most vendors on this list ship to different areas around the world these vendors either have locations around the world or specialize in shipping everywhere.

Aliexpress (China) – A lot more prebuilt from smaller companies and many different keycaps sets.

Amazon (US) – Has stuff from Drop, some smaller companies, and most prebuilts.

Banggood (China) – A lot more prebuilt from smaller companies and tons of keycap sets.

KeebMonkey – Keyboards, switches, parts, accessories, deskpads, and keycaps.

Keyboard Part Aggregators

MechGroupBuys – Compilation of different keyboard, keycap, and switch groupbuys that are going on at any given time.

Shopmech – A site compiling different in-stock options for switches, keycaps, deskpads, keyboards, and more. They also list current groupbuys going on.

ThocStock – A place to find in-stock keyboards, parts, and other keyboard related products.


Deskpad Vendors

Close up of a deskpad at a PC setup.

Artisan Keycap Vendors

Artisan keycap and fountain pen on a mechanical keyboard

While getting keyboards, switches, and accessories is typically not too difficult to get your hands on, artisan keycaps. Artisans can be a slightly more complicated process. Most artisans come from small vendors and usually sell keycaps in group buys.

Custom Cable Vendors

Custom pink cable plugged into a mechanical keyboard.

Other Resources

There are some other resources that we recommend using like the vendor list from streamer Alexotos or for something more interactive you can use keebmap’s website. If you want more information about keyboard groupbuys then check out mechgroupbuys.

We also have different guides and reviews to help you get started on our keyboard page.

If you are a vendor and you want to be added contact us and we would be happy to work with you.


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