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Audio Terms For Beginners: An Audiophile Guide

While understanding basic audio terms like bass or treble may not be too confusing, many audio terms can make understanding the world of audio confusing to understand. If you are just getting into the audiophile hobby, you may hear a ton of terms that you are not familiar with. Today we will help you… Continue Reading →

Best Linear Switches [2022]

When building a mechanical keyboard, one of the key decisions is finding which key switch is right for you. A linear switch is a switch that has uninterrupted travel all the way down. There is no feedback in the travel and the only way to tell you have actuated the switch is when the… Continue Reading →

Best Clicky Switches [2022]

Are you a fan of a crisp tactile bump paired with a nice, sharp click? Clicky switches are a favorite of many but are often not talked about. A clicky switch is a keyboard switch that produces a bump at some point in the travel, paired with a higher-pitched click. Clicky switches pair the… Continue Reading →

Redragon K617 Fizz Review: Your First Keyboard?

Redragon is a gaming company that is no stranger to making budget keyboards that still give consumers a mechanical feel. The Redragon K617 Fizz is a 60% mechanical keyboard that provides enjoyable features like RGB lighting and a compact size. Today we will take a look at the Redragon K617 Fizz to see if… Continue Reading →

Redragon Horus K618: The Best Value Low-Profile Keyboard

Redragon is a keyboard manufacturer that is no stranger to making value-focused mechanical keyboards. The Redragon Horus K618 is a low-profile keyboard providing a solid experience at a competitive price. The Horus K618 offers wireless connectivity, macro keys, and a variety of other features to make it a good option for anyone who is… Continue Reading →

North-Facing vs South-Facing Switches

The world of mechanical keyboards can be complex but can be very fun and satisfying. On keyboards, switches are attached to a PCB, printed circuit board. Switches can be attached in one of two configurations. This often causes confusion as people bring up terms like interference or switch orientation. When looking to buy a… Continue Reading →


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