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North-Facing vs South-Facing Switches

The world of mechanical keyboards can be complex but can be very fun and satisfying. On keyboards, switches are attached to a PCB, printed circuit board. Switches can be attached in one of two configurations. This often causes confusion as people bring up terms like interference or switch orientation. When looking to buy a… Continue Reading →

Epomaker B21 Review: Retro With A Twist

Epomaker has pioneered the budget side of mechanical keyboards making some fantastic value boards. This is no different with the Epomaker B21 mechanical keyboard that features a retro-style design. The B21 is a wireless, 65% mechanical keyboard with a few unique features to pair with its classic design. Today we will take a look… Continue Reading →

Epomaker NT68: Revolutionizing Portability

Epomaker has pioneered the budget side of mechanical keyboards making some of the most well-priced and well-built keyboards ever. Epomaker are responsible for the widely popular GK61 and GK68, many other starter keyboards, and even some more higher end keyboards. One of their upcoming releases is the NT68. The NT68 is a wireless, 65%,… Continue Reading →

Are Ergonomic Keyboards Worth It?

If you spend a lot of time typing at your setup you may be looking to improve the ergonomics and comfort of your setup. One of the best ways to improve long-term comfort is by using an ergonomic keyboard. Ergonomic keyboards position your hands and wrists better for a more comfortable experience and potentially… Continue Reading →

Are Colemak or Dvorak Worth It?

QWERTY, the common keyboard layout that everyone is used to. If you have grown an interest in keyboards then you may have heard about some other keyboard layouts such as Colemak or Dvorak. Using any of these alternative keyboard layouts has a variety of upsides but is switching to something like Colemak, Dvorak, or… Continue Reading →

Best Linear Switches [2021]

There are so many linear switches available in the big bad world of mechanical keyboards, which one should you guys choose? A linear switch is a switch that has uninterrupted travel all the way down. There is no feedback whatsoever and really no way to tell when you have actuated the switch besides when… Continue Reading →

Is Ray Tracing Worth It?

As new hardware comes out, new graphics technologies develop. The newest leap is ray tracing, made mainstream by Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards. Now that most modern GPUs are integrating the technology and games are starting to add support, let’s see if Ray Tracing is actually worth it. Ray Tracing vs Rasterization Ray tracing may be new… Continue Reading →


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