Terms Of Agreement

By agreeing to our Terms of Agreement this means you agree to all previous statements on either the Keyboard Building Service page or Key Switch Lubing Service page. By agreeing, this is not a guarantee of our service. The form that you have submitted is a proposal and The Tech Frontier reserves the right to decline our services. If we do approve your request then we will follow up with you for the next steps.

By accepting this agreement, you take responsibility for testing any and all parts and accept that an additional test will take place upon receiving keyboards, macropads, PCBs, and any other devices that we are working with. The Tech Frontier does not take fault if there are any damages during shipping. You are responsible for any problems that arise after the keyboard is complete.

Please ensure that if you do ship parts that they are neatly packaged and try to ship everything in one package for maximum efficiency and minimal confusion. The Tech Frontier reserves the right to refuse any packages that are unsanitary and they will be shipped back at your expense.

Checking the box at the end of any form linking to this page means that you agree to the terms.

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