Key Switch Lubing Service

Switches, lube, film, and tools for lubing mechanical keyboard switches.

Modding your switches and stabilizers is one of the best ways to improve the sound and feel. Lubing can totally transform your switches. Switches that were once scratchy or had an undesirable sound can become thoccy and buttery smooth.

The process of lubing your switches can also be time-consuming, boring, and confusing, especially for newcomers to the hobby. Here at The Tech Frontier, we have you covered with our lubing service for switches and stabilizers.

If you want a better feel for your board without taking a time investment then we have you covered. We are a team of long-time enthusiasts in tech and keyboards and can make sure your keyboard reaches a little bit closer to your end game.

The Services We Offer

Switch Lubing

Switches are lubed for a more satisfying sound and feel.

Film Placement

Films are carefully placed to reduce switch wobble and ensure a tight housing.

Tools and lube for modding mechanical keyboard switches.

Stabilizer Lubing

Stabilizers will be lubed for optimum feel and sound.

Leg Clipping

The legs on the bottom of your stabilizers will be clipped if requested.

The Process

Mechanical keyboard with a fountain pen on top.

1. Fill Out The Request Form

Fill out the switch lube form at the bottom of this page with your requests. We will get back to you as soon as possible to finalize the details.

2. Supplies Compiled

Once the lube request is confirmed, ship anything to us or we will order everything we need.

Lube and brushes ready to lube mechanical keyboard switches.
A jar of mechanical switches in front of a keyboard.

3. Everything Is Shipped

We will keep you updated about our progress and once we are complete, we will ship out your order so you can focus on the keyboard building.


Switch Lubing Switch Films Stabilizer Lubing and Modding
$0.45 / Switch * $0.15 / Switch $1.50 / Stabilizer
Typically takes about 1-2 days for 100 switches lubed. Spring lubing and swapping is free.Keeps your switch housings tight, wobble-free, and can help improve sound. Lubing and clipping of stabilizers for optimum sound, smoothness, and minimal rattle.
Each switch is tested before it is shipped.We have film in house so no need to ship to us.Price includes lube needed and clipping of legs (if needed).

* Switches cheaper than $0.30 per switch will cost $0.40 for each switch lubed (i.e Gateron Yellows or KTT Rose Switches).

Note: These prices are before shipping and the cost of lube, switches, and other parts that we may need to order (if applicable).

The Request Form

Fill out this form and we will get back to you in about 24 hours.

Once we have received your request we can talk to you about shipping, what is being lubed, and our process. We provide lube and you can either send us switches or we can order them ourselves. Some switches we already have on hand which will allow us to give you lubed switches more quickly.

Terms and Conditions

Thanks for checking out our site.

If you would like further help or want a community to talk about keyboards with, check out our discord.


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